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  • A service kit for the CA252 Integrated amplifier to replace all the electrolytic and metal film capacitors. Also included are high quality 4mm terninal posts to replace the original speaker sockets.Please verify which version of the CA252 you have before ordering (Mk1 or Mk2) as the parts lists and component numbers differ between versions.

  • Service kits for all versions of the CTA252 Tuner amplifier and both versions of the CTP102 Tuner preamp.Please verify which version you have before ordering as there are quite a few variations.

  • A service or upgrade kit for the CXA252 Electronic crossover / amplifier.The service kit includes all capacitors and new 4mm speaker posts.The upgrade kit includes a new electronic crossover board which offers a significant improvement of sound quality and much greater overload headroom than the original board.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items