Terms and conditions of use

Nytech Audio LTD are supporters of the “plain English” campaign for simple readable terms and conditions. We do not believe in making our terms and conditions ridiculously long or use a print that you need an electron microscope to read!

By making a purchase on the Nytech Audio shop, you (the buyer) are entering into a legally binding contract with Nytech Audio LTD (the supplier) to supply the goods or service to you at the price indicated. The contract is completed when Nytech Audio LTD has received full payment and you have received the goods or service requested.

During the period between start and completion of the contract and the statutory period afterwards, the rights of both buyer and seller are legally bound by the the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

More details of how we interpret the CC regulations can be found here.

The seller will receive a confirmation of order e-mail upon completion of order. Please contact us at once if there is any error or discrepancy in this confirmation of order e-mail as it is this e-mail that will detail what we are going to supply you for the price quoted. If we do not receive any correction then the goods supplied will be as stated on this e-mail and the contract will have been completed when these items have been paid for and delivered. The seller will receive a request for confirmation of any optional choices shortly after an order has started to be processed which will then be confirmed by an “optional choices” e-mail. Please contact us at once if there is any error or discrepancy in this “optional choices” e-mail as it is this e-mail that will list in detail what optional choices we are going to supply you for your order. If we do not receive any correction then the goods will be supplied with “standard” settings which can be found on the specification page of the item in the shop.

Any goods supplied will remain the property of Nytech Audio LTD until payment is received in full. This particularly applies to businesses and organisations. The goods do not become the property of any business or organisation until payment has been made in full. Nytech Audio LTD will hold any payments for goods not yet despatched in a separate holding account and will not withdraw the funds until the goods have been dispatched to the buyer. People are human and make mistakes or change their minds. If the buyer has made a mistake placing an order or wishes to make changes before an order is dispatched, then Nytech Audio LTD will do all within its power to assist the buyer in correcting the mistake or accommodating the change before the goods are dispatched. As equipment is built to order we specify a maximum time of 28 days for delivery. This is a maximum period however and Nytech Audio LTD will always aim to deliver well within that time scale. If Nytech Audio cannot deliver within that time scale then it will contact the buyer as soon as the delay becomes apparent and discuss with the buyer the best way to proceed. A buyer can only make a breach of contract claim for non delivery only after the 28 days period has passed, unless Nytech Audio LTD has dispatched the goods and they have for some reason not arrived. These terms and conditions do not alter or waiver buyers or sellers statutory rights under UK and EU law.