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New upgraded crossover board for CXA252 and EXO102/3

New product

This is our new electronic crossover board which can be used to upgrade or replace the original crossover board in the CXA252 and EXO102/3.

It's a plugin replacement for the original crossover board.

We have also made a "non filtered" version for those of you who wish to use a CA/CXA to run bi-wirable speakers "Bi-amped".

Please select your Xover type when ordering.

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We have had several requests from customers for a new crossover board for the CXA252 or EXO102/3.

As we were developing a new crossover board for the forthcoming EXO112 Electronic crossover as part of our new range of equipment we decided to use the same "form factor" as the original which means that the new board can be used as an upgrade with classic Nytech equipment.

This brand new board is a complete re-design using modern components and a through hole plated PCB. It therefore has:

Lower noise
Lower distortion
A much higher maximum output voltage
Better separation between channels and HF and LF

In short it sounds even better then the original did in nearly every respect.

We can make active crossover boards for the following loudspeakers. (Please note - Linn speakers need to be the active versions, the passive versions cannot be supported).

2 way active

Classic ARC 050/101/102/202
Nero ARC050/102 (New)
Linn Kan (Series 1 and 2)
Linn Sara (series1 and 2)
Naim SBL

3 way active

Linn Isobarik PMS
Spendor BC1 studio monitor

Bi-Amp (no filter)

Any Bi-wirable speaker

Please select your Xover type when ordering. We will discuss detailed speaker information by e-mail.

We are also happy to discuss making crossover boards for other speakers or custom built speakers. Contact us for more information on this.

We are also happy to provide technical information and pinouts for this board for anyone attempting to build an active loudspeaker system themselves.

There's no exchange needed for this board so it's an ideal solution for anyone who has lost their original board or bought a CXA or EXO without one.