AudioQuest Dragonfly USB DAC


A high quality USB DAC with volume control for computer or mobile use to drive an amplifier or for direct use with headphones.


AudioQuest Dragonfly DACs have gained an enviable reputation for exceptional sound quality and produce exceptional quality music for the money, and can out perform many more expensive DACs.

Designed for use with standard USB outputs on computers, mobile devices (cable adaptor may be required) and streamers, the Dragonfly can be used to drive headphones directly or as a line level DAC into your music system.

Audio output is a high quality 3.5 mm stereo audio jack socket.

Three models are available:

Black – ESS9010 Sabre 32 bit DAC with MPFR (Minimum Phase Fast Roll off) filter and digitally controlled analogue volume control. 1.2V output
Red – ESS9016 Sabre DAC with MPFR filter and 64 bit digital volume control. 2.1V output
Cobalt – High end ESS ES90382QM DAC with advanced MPSR (Minimum Phase Slow Rolloff) filter and 64 bit digital volume control. 2.1V output

Dragonflies are compatible with the following computer and mobile operating systems:

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/W8/W10/W11 (Hardware volume control only supported on W10 onwards)
Linux (needs ALSA USB driver which may not be included in some later Linux distros – check with the distro for support)
Apple OSX 10.6.8 and later.
Apple IOS 5 and later.
Android 5 (Lollipop) and later.

For noisy computers and laptops the AudioQuest Jitterbug in line USB filter can offer a significant reduction in power supply noise, especially when using headphones.

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Dragonfly Model

Black, Red, Cobalt


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