CDP102 Moving Coil Adaptor


A low cost but high quality alternative to a step up transformer when upgrading from a MM to MC cartridge .


The CDP102 Moving coil adaptor allows a cost conscious vinyl lover to upgrade to a moving coil cartridge but keep their original MM phono stage or amplifier input.

The CDP102 works like a step up transformer (SOT) but as it is self powered (9v battery that will last several years) it introduces no loss to the electrical signal and does not colour the sound in the way that any step up transformer will do.

The gain of the CDP102 is factory set at 15dB but we can supply any gain upon request at time of order.

Don’t be put off by the relatively low price compared to a good quality SOT. Our CDP102 customers tell us it out performs SOTs costing 2-3 times the price of the CDP102 and you can spend the saving on an even better MC cartridge!


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