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This is a payment portal for the Ion Obelisk 1, 2, 3, and 3X integrated amplifier after servicing by Nytech Audio.

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This is a payment portal for the Ion Obelisk 1, 2, 3, and 3X integrated amplifier after servicing by Nytech Audio.

Please remember to select the correct model number (1/2/3/3X) before proceeding to the checkout.

Payment for servicing is only requested after the equipment is serviced, tested and ready to be returned.  We will send you an invoice when the equipment is ready.

Please DO NOT use this payment portal to pay for a service unless we have sent you an invoice.

Full details of Ion Obelisk servicing can be found on our main website or use our contact form to ask any questions.  Please contact us before sending in any equipment for evaluation and service.

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Obelisk 1, Obelisk 2, Obelisk 3, Obelisk 3X


  1. CW

    I’ve been a fan of the small but powerful obelisk range since I heard them demonstrated years ago in my local hifi store. It has been a dream of mine to own one since then and I started that journey by purchasing a pair of the wonderful jc-1a speakers. They formed part of my surround sound system and was eventually suplimented with another pair for the whole surround package. Eventually I replaced that speaker system with a full set of kef but kept one pair of the Ion speakers for my bedroom setup. I bought my obelisk 1 off ebay and had the ideal basic system in place at last. Unfortunately the amp was not in the best of health and although it sounded excellent there was a definate sound of continuous low level hissing and the volume control would crackle when touched. Much to our annoyance when the system wasn’t playing it would randomly crackle and pop for no reason. After a search on the Web I came across nytech and started an email conversation with Phil who has been very helpful throughout the process of getting my tired old obelisk 1 amp revamped and the crossovers of the jc-1a speakers also given a new lease of life.
    When I got it all back after the service and wired it back into place it was like listening to a new, but still familiar, system.
    Phil from nytech has been so helpful throughout the whole painless process and I can highly recommend them if you’re after breathing new life into your vintage Ion system components.

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