Nytech CPA 602 Service


This is a payment portal for the CPA602 power amplifier after servicing by Nytech Audio.


This is a payment portal for the CPA602 power amplifier after servicing by Nytech Audio.

Payment for servicing is only requested after the equipment is serviced, tested and ready to be returned.  We will send you an invoice when the equipment is ready.

Please DO NOT use this payment portal to pay for a service unless we have sent you an invoice.

Full details of CPA servicing can be found on our main website or contact us to ask any questions.


  1. BY

    My CPA602 has traveled a long distance to get to Phil’s hands, but it was worth every mile covered and penny spent!
    Phil actually serviced both my CPA602, CP112, and CT206- and not surprisingly, they all sound amazing. In Phil’s words: “They’ll make you wanna jump of your chair and dance”.
    Phil also keeps providing me with support, replying to each and every email containing questions I send him.
    If you’re after the best service for your equipment as well as pleasant people to deal with, search no more.

  2. JE

    I’ve unpacked everything and it all arrived safe and sound.
    This afternoon I set up my recently purchased CPA602 after your refurbishment along with my refurbished CTP102 which I’d never heard working before and it’s already sounding delightful.
    I’m looking forward to many years of engaging listening ahead of me and I unreservedly recommend your skills and services to others.
    Thanks for the care and attention you have given to these and brought them back to life.

  3. CS

    I recently sent my CPA602 to Phil for a service and upgrade and can recommend it enough. Once returned I left it on for a week before having a listen. Intoxicating is the 1st word, unbelievable is there also and very very musical.
    I would recommend a Nytech upgrade to anyone contemplating it is not cheap, But the difference is worth it! Well done Phil.

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